Coincidental Cohesion

photoworks by HSU advanced photography students

February 28 – March 28, 2012
Reception: Arts! Arcata, March  9, 6-8:30 p.m.


There is a quality to a creative life that is seldom seen or understood. It is often misplaced when one “grows up,” or misjudged when fear dictates a path in our lives. It is usually then that such a passage seems far too long to follow or too difficult to maintain. When this occurs, creativity is misplaced by necessity, passion is dissolved by control, and the need for expression is easily embraced by repression instead. Soon a creative path seems implausible and therefore easily to dismiss.

Yet any path can be seen and understood if one were to study those who follow it. Such is the evidence present in the photographs of 31 unique photographers entitled “Coincidental Cohesion” by Humboldt State University students. Their images represent the confirmation of experiences seen, felt and imagined. They make up the diverse knowledge of those searching for purpose and meaning. These photographic journeys make clear statements to the fact that any path worth following is the one you find yourself. Their knowledge is our proof that creative expression is a rite to life.

– Don Anton, Professor of Art, Humboldt State University

photo by Marley Grenafege Danford and Chalmers photographs

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