The Flow by Don Walker

October 4 – 28, 2011

Artist reception: Arts! Arcata, October  14, 6-8:30 p.m.


These watercolor paintings are expressions of the flow of life and matter in the flow of time. They are an attempt to capture a feeling of the energy of life in its variety, vitality and fluidity.

My painting procedure is like taking a journey without an absolute destination. We may start out with some direction in mind, but can alter the course based on interesting encounters along the way. We can follow a wandering path where it might lead, but then have to make decisions, choosing which fork or avenue to take, anticipating where the more engaging interactions may occur.

The techniques employed in these watercolors are varied. They include pouring and spattering paint, wet-on-wet areas, large brush stokes and finer brush work.

Don R. Walker has been painting for many years.  His education includes degrees in art From Humboldt State University (BA-1971) and Claremont Graduate School (MA-1981). Employment has included teaching art in high school and teaching architectural drafting at College of the Redwoods.

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