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Meridian Fine Art specializes in creative, collaborative printing services for publishing fine art prints, photography and digital art. Our service is focused on the discerning needs of fine artists and photographers.

In addition to long lasting artworks, we print interior graphics for communication and decor. Modern materials such as vinyl, spun polyethylene (Tyvek), adhesive backed fabric and polypropylene are great solutions for short and long term display for trade shows, museums, business and office decor.

For more information call (707) 826-7184 or review Frequently Asked Questions (under construction).

Meridian Fine Art co-sponsors the Upstairs Art Gallery in Arcata by donating digital printing, web-services,and electronic announcements. Visit the Upstairs Art Gallery to see what's showing now.

An Arcata Ago

Meridian Fine Art helped Arcata celebrate its 150th birthday by restoring several dozen historic photos for a traveling exhibition. The collection was completed in 2008 with the help of HSU interns and in partnership with the Humboldt State University Library. The photographs and related written history remain a popular attraction. Visit An Arcata Ago to revisit our history.

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